I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes and creative individuals that all help me achieve imaginative paths in which I develop my skills in design.

Art & design are by far a major influence in everything I do. From building bespoke web applications for customers, to creating brand and identity for businesses.

My love for food and how it is grown and reared is very important to me. I am a hunter gatherer, mainly honing these skills into being a chef, but also make sure I tick the health and wellbeing box too.

My art is precise, fast flowing in my sketches with lots of emphasis on my attention to detail. My design work is more three dimensional and i like to make physical things that can be practical and aesthetic.

I studied technical drawing and architectural drawing that gave me the ability to have a steady hand when (I say when...) I was younger (Because its not so steady now i am older).

Appreciated for my visual awareness I seemed inevitable that at some point my skills in all media would be challenged and i found great pleasure taking photographs and developing them in the dark room of my Art & Design college in the early 90's. The contrast of light and dark was mostly what took my fancy as well as the composition of the frame.

I have always enjoyed computers and soon developed vast experience using multimedia packages to create both visual graphic designs and editing software to manipulate the images I created on camera by scanning them in to the computer (Oh how things have changed). I went further with these skills and not only would use editing software to create new designs but create a brand and identity for clients ias a graphic artist.