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A business without a website is like a canoe without a paddle. There’s no better way to move your business forward than with a modern website. Simplicity and consumer demands for functionality, accessibility and user experience has shifted to smaller, smarter ways to communicate. The trend shows that the use of mobile devices is king in the design process to maximise the number of potential customers for your business. You will benefit from a wider audience because of the scope of users and when visitors search for you online. They can access your website to find out more about you to make enquiries about the services you offer and products you are selling.

Ten Reasons For a Website

The consumer relies heavily on searching online for products and services. If you have an online presence that consumers can find out more about your business it looks more professional. A website that offers good content will reassure customers that your better than your competition. Having a positive impact on the amount of activity on your website is good for your return on investment.
People need services and products to maintain a balance in life both personally and productively. Large companies in localised areas sell to you and me from all over the world. Millions of shoppers purchase items for their lifestyle, work and entertainment that you just cant get in one location. You don’t have to sell your product online but having a website gives people the opportunity to contact you when they need you. They are able to compare and decide on the brand they wish to choose. That can be achieved by having a website allowing people to access your companies information.
How much you allocate to marketing in the early stages of your business growth may sometimes have little return. Not with a website as with traditional methods of advertising or media channels like radio or broadcasting the cost is far higher and only lasts a short time. A website if managed correctly is essentially timeless and cheap.
Once you have the fundamental social aspects associated with a website like social sharing and writing blog posts each and every part of your website spreads across the web. The cost of doing this in print is unimaginable compared to the decision to analyse data gathered from your user interaction and target audiences you never would have reached with traditional marketing.
People may come to your business and not decide there and then about buying into that purchase. Having a website means that when they are ready they can still do this through the website you provide them with. They can enquire, message and even buy a product at any time of the day or night.
Having a website is an easy way to connect with customers. Having people review your products and services can have great rewards in gaining trust with potential customers. You also have the ability to choose what reviews go on your website in case there is any that are not favourable.
Word of mouth is where people are compelled to talk about something that they either understand or benefit from telling others about. In the social media age word-of-mouth can travel fast, very fast. It is important that business are active in this conversation to benefit from its potential. They need to listen to what is being said about them, their market and competitors. They need to learn from what they “hear” and also respond when necessary. They have to, as the expression says, “join the conversation”.
Customer service is an extremely important part of maintaining ongoing client relationships, which are key to continuing revenue. When dealing with customers you must respond in a timely manner that is satisfactory to both the value of the company and the perceptions made by the customer. You must choose ways to interact with the customer that are suitable either instantly with social media and by telephone and email correspondence. Reassuring the customer is essential for good relationships, loyalty and productivity.
Each time someone visits your website and purchases a product or service a relationship develops. They become loyal customers and having a communication between you and them can be a way of telling them you can offer more. Email marketing is a first step, and then you can move on to monthly newsletters, blog subscriptions, videos — whatever communication method you choose to keep them active and coming back for more. If you want you can see details about the response from customers in how communicate through the use of Analytics data tools.
Even from the beginning your website will be sending and receiving useful data about user interaction. Starting with the basic free services offered by search engines allow you to see what percentage of customers purchase items, how long they visit your site and what pages are used. Then if you wish to spend more money to get even more details about how customers interact with every area of your online networking you can take your business to the next stage of analysis and fine tune the areas that need attention.


First of all your website design must be mobile friendly. It can be penalised by search engines if the semantics are not present which leads to your business not getting noticed. The content you display must contain the correct information so that when people search for you they are directed to your site and not your competitors. Potential customers who interact with your website will come back time and time again if it is user friendly and secure. It is crucial that the integrity and security of an individuals personal data is kept safe and show clearly that your website is up to standards to protect their interests. There must be terms and conditions your business offers that people can see online, also websites need policies to tell customers what tools you may use to gather data from them.

Website Design Packages

I want to give your business or organisation the option of different website design packages that are both manageable and rewarding. The opportunity to get an online presence and save you money in the development of your business. They range from the following; Start Up – for those on a tight budget. Trade – something more customised and offers some nice features. Community – with plenty of scope to grow and be serious about your web presence and the Business – from booking, secure online shopping and much more. From the early beginnings of a start up company who require a professional website. To much bigger organisations who need to have a bespoke website design package that will work for them and deliver results every time.

Start Up


  • A basic professional website design for those on a tight budget.
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  • If you provide a service to customers and want a little more design.
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  • A perfect choice for those with big plans to engage the public.
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  • For those wishing expand and need secure ways to sell products.
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What is Next?

I have outlined the importance of having a website. You may have already built good relationships with clients offline. There may be more opportunities online with a website design that reaches more customers. These packages make it more efficient and make more money from what you offer to your customers. Contact me so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your needs as I can offer some simple steps that wont eat into your budget.