website vs social media

Website Vs Social Media

I offer business the chance to reduce overall business costs in a modern world. With either a website or social media presence. So lets look at a few scenarios that offer benefits of having a website and also the advantages of using social media if a website just doesn’t fit into your world.

The Website Person

Just because everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon does not mean you will do well from paying someone to design a shiny new website to promote your business. The type of person who requires a website is someone who wants to either sell something or show customers what they offer as a service. There are certain categories that stem from that like providing news and a point of contact for people to get in touch with you. These people are active users of technology. Not only does that help with having a successful online presence but these people will promote their very existence to new customers with ease.

What is good about a website is the features and attributes that people have access too. People are searching for a particular aspect to fulfil their life. Millions of people have access to your website through the use of computers, tablets and smartphones. It is especially important you provide visitors with current trends and keep your content updated.

Keeping Ahead of the Competition

There is a lot of competitors out there on the web. It is important to have your website optimised and mobile friendly. Just these simple actions will win you more customers that you are looking to get a return on your investment. With this in mind a few helpful professionals can dramatically improve your online status.

A web developer can assist you in maintaining your online presence if it needs a helping hand. They are more suited to the behind the scenes part of your website but still an important role in keeping every part of the system working to its full potential. Search Engine Optimisation specialists can level you up the ranks on search engines, if your content needs improving they will audit your site to improve the content to achieve greatness for you.

The Social Media Person

You most likely have an already successful business with face to face relations with your clients. But you can still build a social empire with out one. In fact good management and commitment will prevail in this department. Social media relates to good customer service. Looking at what your customers want and feeding them with media so that they can visit you more frequently for more exciting stuff.

Ask yourself the question “will my readers want what I offer?” and also “what is the purpose of my campaigns?”. Think about what you like searching the web for is a good start, are your customers going to find you on this channel of are they all in other social networks. I don’t tell clients to use every social platform as it needs fine tuning. The important fact is you must try before you buy method. Test the water as if its to cold in one place more to somewhere hotter!

Social media is big for selling your product or service. There are many factors that can make or break the efforts made in reaching followers. You will have visitors in different time zones that will make timing an issue. The window of opportunity when they can see your posts getting scheduled at different times is crucial. A social media person should have a degree of management skills to predict times to schedule content. My advice is to research your competitors to see how they market their business. It will help when you build your own campaigns which will then be more noticed.