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When I say to business owners that I am a web developer one of the first things they as me is “Do you do SEO?”. The answer being is that I use tools that are user friendly at assist with your page being search engine optimised, making it more user friendly. But before we talk about that most companies have whats called a website audit, this gives a picture of what is being effective or not in some cases for the business’ website.

The audit focuses on some key areas that help tremendously with gaining better google ranking. This is fundamentally the best way to get ahead of your competitors. Using simple cost effective tools that make your site optimised.


When new customers visit your website they are influenced by a few important areas that keep them engaged. The effectiveness of what content  you have that people will be searching for will increase your ranking. You want the site to be efficient so that people can find your products or services easily. Accessibility so that everyone can find the things you display a clear  easy to follow navigation between pages with the right information. Reason to return can be a deal breaker if your customers are not happy with your site from the off. In a competitive market return customers should be a deal maker not a breaker.

A great way to anylise whether your website meets the needs of your users would be to do an audit on your website and looking at your website usability. Some simple steps to achieve a cost effective and true result is to ask family and friends to have a look at your site and give you their feedback on ease of navigation and the effectiveness.

It is good to make changes now and then as the way people interact using new technology is always changing. By improving your website usability, it can increase your search engine rankings as the search engines do not penalise sites that have good user engagement.

Load Speed

The main search engines are Google and Bing use algorithms to test your ranking. They suggest that it is key to your site loading on a device as fast as possible. Mobile first websites are now more important than traditional desktop sites. Google have a useful tool to check your website. I suggest you at least try it before contact me. There are many ways to improve your sites load speed, one of the main ones is optimising images.


Like a family tree your site has a home page and other levels of hierarchy. what people do to navigate through these pages is laid out in a site map. Search engines crawl your site to see how these pages are structured and indexed.

Mobile Friendly

Top of the list is mobile access and friendliness. Since the year 2015 the mobile smartphone and tablet devices have been predominantly top of devices to search the internet. We use sometimes limited connectivity and if your site is heavy in data it will struggle to load even on a good connection. You will find that when you check the load speed of your site both mobile and desktop checks are analyised.

What next?

I’m able to give you advice over the phone but its best to book an appointment with me. Drop us an email and I will contact you direct.

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