Old and New Technology

I wanted to learn something so that I could teach it myself to others

I’m finding it a popular subject of conversation that people of all walks of life are struggling with devices that they just do not have user manuals for. So what happens to that person in developing there skills to keep up with modern advancing technology? In my business I train people to live their lives so they can solve problems like understanding the barriers between material things like switches and non material things like sensors and gestures.

I took a course because I need to see what direction to take

I took a course that was provided to me to understand using a device, it was a basic course offered to the general public. The intention of the course for myself was to learn how explanatory the presentation was. I found it rather fast paced and sitting along side individuals in their late 80’s who although listening to the young man with his neglect for awareness gave me a simple truth that I will not be teaching my students what all the funky tools do but relate them more to what was once a real thing that now is digital.

I noticed that there is a barrier in the lack of support offered to people and they are expected to know how something works but really it is only designed for modern users

Its not easy to pick up an object that has no ergonomic properties that indicate a use for them, no knobs or buttons once perceived by that generation used to start or stop things. And if you do grasp the concept that you can login to use it, you have to do that so many other times in so many other ways on so many devices.

I want to make sure I don’t forget that just because I know how it works does not mean that someone else will find it of value when they understand simple things that are not technological or even complex methods of completing a task, operating machinery or flying. Talking of flying it was based in early flight on hand-eye coordination but in an electronic world is all electronic and gages.
can you make sometin new work in the old way?

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