Social Media for Beginners

When you attend the Social Media for Beginners course you will be given the basic understanding to deliver campaigns for your business.

Onsite digital skills training targets the areas of your business that are not used efficiently. I assess your business and deliver a strategy that can be presented onsite in a cost effective package for your team of staff.

  • What is social media?
  • How it affects your business
  • How to create a strategy for social media
  • Best practices for social media
  • Using different social media platforms
  • Effective communication through engagement


The course introduction leads on to talk about how social media relates to your business. We look at some statistics and how to understand more about your audience. We will create a strategy and set out some goals in developing your brand. The next section will look more at large data collected by each platform. From insights on each platform to Google Analytics. In the next phase of understanding the platforms that are popular we will talk about the most used ones. I will show you how to set them up and familiarise you with the interface. There are useful insights into the best practices of using social media that we will also discuss and how social engagement will change the way your business reaches new customers. In the last section of the course we will look at examples of other brands case studies. Also the importance of reputation with customers that can be the downfall of those examples in the last point. To top it all off the time spent on posting to various platforms can be managed in one simple place. Iwill show you how to achieve an efficient schedule that is effortless.

The Course

The social media for beginners course is tailored to give you the basic understanding of the most used social media platforms. The information given is not full of jargon and can easily be understood. Either by beginners and those who already have a general knowledge of social media.
During the course I provide a selection of examples and explain the strategies behind a successful social media campaign. I make sure that the style and delivery of the course is tailored for beginners. To ensure that all participants can develop their knowledge of social media. So you can implement your own strategies and campaigns to enhance your business needs.

Who wants to know?

Established businesses that have a large offline following but require breaking into online social media platforms. The aim of the course is to make your business more successful in delivering the service people know and love already. Previous attendees range from startup small businesses, marketing consultants and designers, trades in the public and private sector, service providers, all forms of tourism and hospitality, community and farming.

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