If you want to stand out from the crowd, a unique and identifiable brand is an essential part of the design process. Customer recognition and loyalty are two focus areas for your brand development. Business growth is a direct result of good branding, therefore without it a business is unlikely to succeed.

And succeed you will, to shed some light on the meaning of branding I have created some points about what it is, how it works and how to use it to its full potential in your business. We are going to go over areas like; What is branding?, customer relations, how it helps your business, key factors, identity, different sectors of business, relationships with design and branding.

What is branding?

Your customers or in general the public will make associations of what your business will offer as a product, service, individual or organisation. They can be intended or adapted using marketing or advertising. If it is a person it will focus on how that person values are perceived.

Customer Relations

The manor of which your business develops, becomes established and keeps relationships with its customers. When you engage with your customers so that they can relate to more human reasoning. Technology is a powerful tool with real time support at your fingertips to communicate with people. Seeing the world through their eyes will help improve your services offered.

How it Helps Your Business

You are able to stand out from your competitors, give more appeal to your customers. Doing this by being different, adding value and connecting with people are major factors here.

Key Factors

In business you must define what is on offer. Your statement, values, vision and persona will be a few steps to making a strong brand. Your statement should encompass everything about your company. Values are things like pride, quality and professionalism about what you stand for. The vision will be part of the development of your business and transformation of that sector. Your persona all be it explained in your statement is how you will deliver those ideas to people, by how you communicate through dialogue, tone of voice, customer service and graphically.


An important part that is influenced by your statement, marketing and strategy. The name of your company is your trademark, it can describe you, be suggestive or abstract.

Different Sectors of Business

Every business sector will have levels that apply to them. If you are a start up business you will face the challenge of being unique to everyone else. The public sector is more commercial/ private like care facilities or security firms that need to reassure their customers with the brand they produce. Service providers offer a delivery to customers by showing them they have a unique talent to offer.

Relationships With Design and Branding

People make assumptions based on what they thing of that brand. A common misconception may be your logo does not imply your actual service. Your logo should be recognisable in its visual metaphor.

The design can have several elements that convey the brand proposal; colour, shape, name, materials, sound, illustration, typographic and location. These can be applied in different context by setting out guidelines to achieve the full potential of your brand.

Businesses succeed with the right strategy by setting up the designing of their brand. We then look at how to implement good relationships with customers that pay off greatly. It is important to build the right package for you. We can generate leads, offer great customer support and encourage people to use your services. Why not meet our team to evaluate the necessary improvements we can make to your company.